Work environment

Besides the research topics themselves, a major focus of the group is also the learning that follows with performing research – we make sure to collaborate extensively within the group as well as externally, and we set aside time to discuss and reflect about our research experiences. We are sharing and supportive, with people typically working together in groups of at least two people in every project. We work together with local research groups as well as international collaborators.

We keep ourselves and each other on track by logging weekly plans and progress, which we briefly discuss together on a weekly basis. Furthermore, we use Trello and Slack for on-line collaboration and communication. We try to stay on top of modern computer science-related routines and infrastructure to provide every team member with a solid platform for robust, productive and reproducible future research. In weekly research craftsmanship sessions, we discuss topics ranging from programming strategies and useful tools to how to grow as an independent researcher. Examples of topics from previously held sessions include developing ones competitive advantage, debugging strategies and publishing in high-ranked journals.